The Associate Member Pledge

Who is the Associate Member Pledge for?

The Associate Member Pledge creates an opportunity for corporates, brands and other organisations who participate in litigation, but are not litigation businesses, who are committed to achieving Net Zero and supporting Greener Litigation’s work.

Vodafone is the founding Associate Member of Greener Litigation, having actively developed the Associate Member Pledge with Greener Litigation, and taking the lead in building the Greener Litigation Community with wider stakeholders including in-house legal teams.

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The Greener Litigation
Associate Member Pledge

We are committed to taking steps to reduce the environmental impact of our business. We support the objectives of the Greener Litigation Pledge. We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of litigation in which we are involved in line with the Greener Litigation Pledge, including requesting any litigation professionals we engage to do the same.

If your organisation would like to become an
Associate Member of Greener Litigation, please get
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